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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


{ Grandma Fitzgerald and I }

This week represents a changing of the guard of sorts. My sister Genie and and my brother-in-law Josh took my nephew Jack and my niece Liv to Disneyworld for the first time. I've been eagerly awaiting facebook updates for pics of the kids having fun and wishing I could experience it with them. And of course you know got me to thinking about my childhood visits there.

We lived in Tampa for about 4 years when I was a kid and we actually had season passes to Disneyworld. I was very young, maybe 2-6ish, but I do have fond memories of our visits. I remember carpets of flowers everywhere. I'd never seen flowers like that and I remember thinking how beautiful they were. I remember ladies in gorgeous dresses walking around with parasols to greet visitors. I remember skipping a lot. I loved to skip.

There was music and dancing everywhere. I wanted to sing and dance like that one day. I remember sitting in the boat on It's A Small World wondering who was making all of the little people move. I remember the wind whipping through my hair as Dumbo flew my father and I around in the sky. I remember fruity drinks that would dribble down my chin as I eagerly drank them. I was pretty thirsty....remember I skipped everywhere:).

Now it's Liv and Jack's turn to experience this most American of traditions. Things are so different now though. There are bracelets not tickets. There are meal packages and more to do and see than there ever was in my day. But I know Jack and Liv will love it just as I did when I was their age. How can you not as a child? It seems like magic:).

{ I think I'm about two here and eagerly awaiting the parade! }

{ My sister Genie and I enjoying our ears!!! }

{ Jack, Genie, Josh and Liv }

{ My niece Liv }

{ My awesome nephew Jack!!!! Love you!!! }

1 comment:

  1. It is magic! We went with my sister, brother-in-law and the two boys when they were 4 and 9 and had a ball! Those boys went from morning to night, never complained, wanted to do everything! We had so much fun and I love looking at the pictures from that trip. Jack looks like he was all smiles too!