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Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Friday, Love

{ Loving a new coat for spring }

Everything changes, including taste. I didn't realize how stale my house has felt until I chose some new colors and re-decorated a few rooms. There's still rugs to find, art work to hang and photographs to print out but I already feel so much better about how things look. I'm almost falling in love with my house all over again. I'm documenting the changes for future posts so stay tuned!

This weekend is the annual Irish Festival in Church Hill so I hope you'll come visit the wonderful neighborhood we call home for some fabulous music, brews and good times. There will most likely be wine on the porch and a little bit of work that unfortunately has to be sprinkled in. But we'll make it through. Here's to a great weekend!

{ Some lavender to brighten up my kitchen }

{ Re-reading The Historian for book club at my place in a couple weeks }

{ A sneak peak at my new living room color which goes perfectly with my Grandmother's piano }

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