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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heavenly Day

Snow days are rare in Richmond. We're lucky if we get two a year. Bread and eggs fly off the shelves and we sequester ourselves in our homes. We cancel school, any and all events and stock up on wine. It usually only lasts a day and then we are forced back to reality. But for that one day....that magical day.....time stops. The snow acts like a holocaust cloak (insert shameless Princess Bride term. God I love that movie!) and insulates us from the outside world for just a time. Cell phones, email and the like can't find us. Our responsibilities and concerns can't touch us. We are free. We can relax. It's snowing. Our cares will find us tomorrow. But for today, we can just be happy. 

There's a great Patty Griffin song called Heavenly Day that I love to sing. The band does it simply, just me and the guitar. We tried it with the banjo and bass but it felt too heavy....too forced. It talks about a heavenly day that two people get to share. It's a simple day, nothing fancy. A walk though the meadow....laying under a tree. But for that day they don't have to worry about anything. They can just be together. It's a beautiful song and it makes me think of a few heavenly days I've had in my life. These are memories we have to hold onto and not take for granted because god knows if we'll ever get another one.

I took these pictures on a snowy walk through Church Hill the other day when the world shut down and I had no cares for a time. The snow made everything quite and peaceful. I didn't have to worry about the past or the future that day. It was nice. 

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