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Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Friday, Love

Feels like I've been here, there and everywhere this week. Here's the rundown.....

  • Got to work on some great blog projects in Charlottesville early in the week. First one will be up Monday so stay tuned!
  • DC for work a couple days which has become the norm lately. 
  • Had some free time in DC and took a run on the mall so I could hang out with Abe. He's a good thinking spot.
  • After 6 years our book club is no more. We'll still try and get together for champagne and gossip when we can but definitely the end of an era. 
  • The organization I work for is turning 25 next year and we're throwing a gala to celebrate! Baltimore is officially "the middle" for most who will be traveling in so we headed up there for a couple days to scout venues and have some planning meetings. I only have about 11 months to find a dress so I gotta get on it:).
  • The fact that a goddess like Julie Andrews was followed by Carrie Underwood makes my heart hurt.
  • Church Hill Holiday Weekend begins this evening with Vespers and ends Sunday with our Annual House Tour. We hope you'll join us for all the fun. 
  • I'm sleeping in tomorrow in my own bed and the level of excitement I have about that is ridiculous!

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