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Monday, November 25, 2013


My friend Karen recently completed a momentous feat....her first novel! Set during the Revolutionary War, this fictional account of the signing of the Declaration of Independence has been a labour of love for her for many years and I am ridiculously proud of her accomplishment. The amount of research she had to do was staggering, and I've loved listening to her recount battle scenes and describe the interesting characters our hero will meet on his journey. One of those research areas was espionage and when we heard that author John A. Nagy was giving a lecture in Williamsburg about his book, Invisible Ink: Spycraft of the American Revolution, we decided to make a day of it. 

We made it just in time for the farmers market and then aimlessly wandered, snapped these shots and people watched {my favorite thing ever}. She introduced me to a fabulous restaurant called The Blue Talon Bistro for lunch where we forced ourselves to have champagne and other assorted goodies. I hope you'll indulge me because I do have to take a moment here to stop and write about their hot chocolate. Take a deep breath.......close your eyes........and think about the best hot chocolate you've ever had. Yea....this was better. It was thick and rich and decadent and amazing and wow! Did I mention it comes with a homemade marshmallow? Sorry! Back to the history!

We capped off the day with John's lecture and I'm excited to report I'm ready for undercover work. The Pigpen Cipher was my favorite, but I also loved hearing about how savvy the Colonists where at providing the British Army with misinformation about troop size and movements. It was lovely to meet John as well and I highly recommend picking up his book. Such a fun day and I'm so glad I have these photos to remember it by. Cheers!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! (And that hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows . . . almost makes me want to make the drive to Williamsburg right now!)