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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Imperfect Home : Jason, Heather and The Boys

Inspired by the work and design philosophy of Ralph Lauren's Mary Randolph Carter {check out the recent interview I did here}, I decided to start a new series on the blog called The Imperfect Home. I hope to highlight homes and families here in Church Hill that showcase the warmth, beauty and diversity of the wonderful neighborhood we are privileged to call home. So why call it "Imperfect"? Well, Mary, or Carter as she likes to be called, said it best....A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life. 

Each house will have its own feeling and design aesthetic, its own story, prized possessions and caretakers. They may also have a toy lying around, a creaky board here or there and in the case of my home, yesterday's coffee still in the coffee pot {stay tuned:)}. The perfect home is boring, lifeless and the kind of place where you're afraid to sit on the sofa. The imperfect home is real, beautiful and loved-in. 

To start us out on our journey through Church Hill I'd like to introduce you to Jason, Heather, their two adorable boys Parker and Oliver and pups Fiona and Pickle. It's been an absolute joy getting to know them better over the past year so when Heather, who happens to be an Interior Designer herself, agreed to participate in this project I was thrilled to say the least! When you walk into their home you are immediately struck by the love within its walls. Built in 1901 and cared for by Jason and Heather for the past six years, this home is impeccably designed, yet livable. I found myself drawn to the warmth of the color palette and the stories Heather told about each carefully selected piece. The paintings, pictures and personal treasures hold memories that surround your senses with a comforting gravity that begs for an invitation to return.

Plans for an expansion of the kitchen and master suite are already underway and I'm crossing my fingers that Heather will let me photograph the transformation when it's complete! For more information about Heather's design services email her at A graduate of both the University of Michigan and Savannah College of Art and Design, she focuses on both residential and small commercial projects.

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  1. My Church Hill home is so jealous of that Church Hill home's unpainted wood! Loving this series already.