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Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Friday, Love

Didn't post an It's Friday, Love post last week so...the past couple weeks.......hmmmmmmm here goes.......

  • Gubernatorial Election is over...thank god! Was a bit of a nail-biter though.
  • Work has been crazy....crazy good but crazy none the less and it's meant a lot of juggling and late nights.
  • Church Hill Music Co. had a really fun gig and we're looking forward to the next one!
  • My Christmas Card is a big deal each year and Miss A and I had our little photo shoot last Saturday. This year's is my favorite by far can't wait to send them out. 
  • It's dark so early = dislike.
  • I got to speak at Career Day at Bellevue Elementary. Great kids and totally a wonderful afternoon.
  • I don't think people understand the impact their friendship and support have on other people and that when you don't have it what a void it leaves. 
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas travel decisions = ugggg. What I wouldn't give for a few days away somewhere far from any living person as long as I had the right company. 
  • Really fun blog posts coming up over the next few weeks and it's a great relief to have content I'm passionate and excited about.
  • Here's to a glass of wine, comfy pajamas and a fire in my fireplace this weekend:). 

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