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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dreaming In Color

There are a couple days each fall that are downright magical. The leaves reach their peak and look as though they could absolutely burst with color. In Richmond that was roughly Thursday to today. Tomorrow the leaves will begin their yearly decent onto my yard and all the love and affection I felt for them just a short time ago will be replaced by abject loathing and a vow to sell my house as soon as possible and buy a condo. If I had one wish I would have been at The Granary this weekend, enjoying the fresh air and the mountains, but alas it was not meant to be. I am hoping against hope and trading in all of my karma chips so that the universe grants me my wish next year. I've been patient a long time. I can be patient a while longer. 

I did get to spend a good deal of time outside in the sunshine this weekend, just a bit closer to home. I spent most of Saturday on my back deck and Saturday night enjoying the cool evening under a blanket at one of our famous Church Hill porch parties. Today I wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood and take a few shots before the leaves fell. I ended up at St. John's Church just a few blocks from my house. Appropriate for a Sunday, but I felt a bit a little under-dressed in my yoga pants and tennis shoes so I walked the yard and enjoyed the quite instead. I've never felt sad in graveyards, in fact I love them. I always enjoy how beautiful they are and wonder endlessly about the people whose lives are represented by the stones. I dream about where they lived, who they loved and in today's case how they'd feel about the city that has sprung up all around them. Today was a particularly beautiful day to dream about their lives and what I want next for mine. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

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