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Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Friday, Love

{ Friends celebrating at Alan and Angela's wedding shower }

I didn't post an It's Friday, Love edition last week so today's installment includes pictures from the past two weeks. How are things going? Well, some things have gone my way and some haven't. The best laid and well intentioned plans imploded, but some happy accidents equaled great times. It's been a busy couple weeks actually and October is pretty packed too, so this weekend I am actually glad I find myself with no set plans. I guess I'll see where the wind takes me. 

Happily, today feels a lot more like fall. There's a nice breeze and I'm looking forward to sitting on my porch and watching the world go by. Fall decorations are coming out this weekend and the firewood and cinnamon candles have already been lit. I'd love to have a fire in the backyard but we'll see. I'm already feeling a bit more home centric and taking a blanket inventory. The right blanket on a chilly fall evening is key or I get cranky:). I hope everyone has a great weekend!

{ My nephew Jack, who will be 4 in October, had a successful first sleepover at my place! }

{ Grabbed a beer at Pearl with friends }

{ Alan and Angela, the tallest most attractive people I know (thanks guys), are getting married in a couple weeks }

{ Breakfast with Jack at WPA Bakery }

{ Honored to present an award to Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) for my day job }

{ Church Hill Music Co. broke out the microphones this week for practice- it was tons of fun! }

{ I have to make some decisions, which isn't always easy. Coffee and wine help. }

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