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Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Friday, Love

{ Making the topping for a Tomato and Squash Gratin }

#Staycation2013! Oh what a long strange trip it's been. And I still have a few days left. After three years I've realized I have a process for this week. Prior to the week I come up with a large, completely unrealistic list of things I'm going to accomplish during Staycation. This includes home improvement projects, cleaning/organizing and relaxing. I'm not sure how one can accomplish relaxing but I tell myself I can. The week begins and I think I have plenty of time. This is an excuse to sleep late. After a couple days of this laziness I start to get overwhelmed because time is quickly winding down but the list hasn't gotten any smaller. This is followed by two days of depression and pouting because I will never finish the list and I have wasted Staycation. Then one morning I wake up and become a machine. I finish everything in two days and say to Staycation I'll fiinish everything up front and then I say this to myself I know full well next year will be exactly the same. No matter, it's still been a great week.

I've felt like cooking which is something I haven't had a taste for this summer. There have been too many amazing things happening and fun road trips to take to stay cooped up in the kitchen. My Tomato and Squash Gratin and Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream will make for a couple great blog posts over the next coming weeks. I've also tackled a DIY Chalkboard Menu in my kitchen which I absolutely love and a couple other really fun nights with friends have been great. Here's to a wonderful last weekend of summer. Saying goodbye to the sunshine and warm weather is always hard but I'm looking forward to the leaves falling, wearing scarves and drinking that first warm cider of the season. Happy Labor Day everyone!

{ Maybe my favorite picture of Miss Austen ever }

{ Church Hill Music Co. had our first gig this past Saturday. Check out our music here. }

{ Lighting some candles is always a good idea }

{ A couple chairs I picked up that with will be perfect around the firepit with a coat of paint and a new cushion }

{ Great lunches with friends this week. Girl talk = fattening food! }

{ I'll feature the DIY Menu Chalkboard in my kitchen in a future post }

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