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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Need An Office

I need an office. I already have one for my day job but I've come to the realization that I need one for the blog too. A high-rise loft space with floor-to ceiling-windows, a space to shoot, meet clients, relax on comfy couches and an espresso machine? I wish. That's down the road. For now I just need to use the desk I have in my back room. Baby steps....

This blog started out as a hobby, a way for me to share photos and write a bit about my adventures. But slowly it has evolved into something more and one day I hope to grow it into a business. I used to be fine writing and editing photos on my living room couch while I caught up on the news at night but I'm finding myself increasingly distracted and in need of a dedicated space to work. This week I'm on staycation so it's been great to spend a few hours working at the cafe at VMFA. I've been able to write and plan out the next couple months and I'm very excited about the possibilities.

I've also planned a few projects in my back room that will hopefully make it feel more like a creative work space and less like a place for company to crash and for me to throw my clothes in when people come over. I'm documenting the transformation for an upcoming post so wish me luck on my home improvement skills. I hope you enjoy these pics I took while working (hanging out and thinking:)) at VMFA.

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