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Monday, July 1, 2013

Scenes From Sunday

Sunday has evolved over the years. When I was a kid there was church and Sunday school. I didn't hate these activities per se, just the fact that someone was making me wake up early to go do them (my least favorite thing in the world). Then there was a big lunch out somewhere and finally home. In my twenties Sunday suddenly became very fashionable and there was lots of brunch to be had. We thought this made us glamorous and grown up because only adults got to drink before noon.

Sometimes I find myself at church (sorry mom:)) and I still love a good mimosa, but today I prefer Sundays to be a bit more quite. Yesterday was a quite Sunday. A little too quite actually. Ok, I was bored. You know one of those days where you start to clean out your cupboard but get side-tracked seeing if you can make an igloo from sugar cubes. By the time you realize that this architectural feat is best left to the professionals, you've wasted so much time that cleaning seems futile. So you put everything back in the cupboard and vow to tackle it tomorrow.

At one point I started walking around the house taking random shots, which you see before you. Yea it got that bad. Oh least I got a few cute ones of Miss A fighting not to go to sleep.

After much thought (I told you I was bored) my perfect Sunday would look something like this......

  1. Wake up (late) to the smell of french-pressed coffee being brought to me. This would be followed by breakfast on the porch that overlooks the giant body of water we're staying on. I don't care if it's a lake, river, ocean or whatever as long as there's water and no one else around for miles. 
  2. I'm not really sure I'd move from the porch for the next few hours, except to make another mimosa, so this is the non-exciting portion of the day. 
  3. Then there's boats to paddle, walks to take and naps to savor.
  4. The sun will be setting by this point so it's basically mandatory that we find ourselves back on the porch - wine in hand.
  5. Don't worry I'll make dinner:).
  6. There's a couple other activities to squeeze in but I can't write about them because my mother reads this blog. I will let you the reader take it from there....

1 comment:

  1. Love your pictures! And I can identify with your first few requirements for a Sunday morning. Our next house will be on the water - Kent moved to the city for me, we will next go to the water for him. And then we will bring each other fresh coffee from a French press :)