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Monday, July 29, 2013

Chocolate Häagen-Dazs

Ice cream makes everything better. EVERYTHING. I think it's because somehow {magically} that rich, sugary creaminess makes you feel special- as if it were made just for you. I actually have a new found love, admiration, lust, fondness and desire for chocolate Häagen-Dazs. So what the heck....I thought I'd write about it.

I've actually been having writers block these last few weeks. A combination of factors have probably contributed; a little burn out, a busy schedule and trying to navigate a situation that, while absolutely amazing, leaves me in limbo quite a bit of the time. That's hard. Not knowing where I stand. Not knowing what will happen. It takes a toll. But nothing will be resolved today so I wait...patiently....because it's worth the wait and because I hope it will turn out the way I want it to.

When I think I don't have the strength to be patient I remember a game of checkers I once played that lasted for an hour and a half. My friend Michael thought he would dispatch me quickly and began his onslaught with several aggressive moves and quite a bit of trash talk in between his sips of Mocha Latte. I immediately panicked and thought crap he's going to beat me in under 5 minutes! This is sad. I don't mind being beaten by a better opponent, but publicly humiliated in a Starbucks is something all together different.

Then something kicked in and I realized I might have a chance to beat him. I could match his strategy and fire back with my own aggressive moves or I could use his bravado against him. And so I moved my piece from the bottom left black square to the one immediately diagonal and back complete silence........ for 20 minutes. Eventually Michael broke down in a sea of frustration and confusion and little by little I took my equal share of pieces. Eventually it was 3 to 3 and it took me another hour or so.....but I beat him.

I have no opponent in this situation. In fact the opposite. But this game reminds me that in any difficult situation, where my first instinct is to get frustrated and run, I need to be patient and strong. And even more so that I can be, by being supportive while also standing up for myself. Life doesn't give us many chances to be truly happy and if we don't seize them when they come our way, even if they're scary and difficult, we don't have anyone to blame for our unhappiness but ourselves. I believe we'll actually be better people, partners, parents, children and friends because we're happy, not in spite of it. Everything will be alright, I know it will.

So what does any of this have to do with chocolate Häagen-Dazs? Well not much....but yet everything. A friend was trying to help me with post ideas and suggested this as a topic. It's sort of an inside joke. But I thought...well nothing else is coming so I'll give it a go. This is what actually came out so I guess it's what I needed to write about. So much of life is a happy accident. As soon as I wrote this I felt better and I have a few more ideas for upcoming posts I'd like to do. Writer's block officially vanquished for the foreseeable future!

I bought 4 more pints of ice cream just in case though:).

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