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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's Smash Some Plates

Today's post is in honor of my friends Alex and Dawn. Alex is half Greek, half Russian, and one hundred percent Cypriot. I hope I got that right and didn't create an international incident:). He also happens to be very lucky and married to my good friend Dawn. They met in a bar here in Richmond many years ago when Alex casually strolled over and introduced himself by his full name "Alexandros". It was really loud and Dawn couldn't hear so after trying to impress her a few more times with his international intrigue he said just call me Alex. 

I owe Alex a mea culpa because he's put up with my teasing for many years. I like to ask him if all of his friends growing up were goats or doesn't he have a red phone in his pocket with a direct line to the President of Cyprus {since there's only like 10 people that live on the island so they must be close}. I also do a mean impression of him. It generally consists of me lowering my voice about eight octaves and mumbling something incoherent about international trade agreements. Anyway...Alex you rock and I love you man.

We celebrated my mother's birthday a couple weeks ago at the Greek Festival and got to see Alex, Dawn and their little boy Stefan for a bit there as well. As we get older and life takes over there never seem to be as many hours in the day as when we were younger and could go out for drinks at a moments notice. So here's to old friends and making time for new laughs. Let's smash some plates people! OPA!

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