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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Playlist

{ Apron on and my sous chef by my side }
 A song is like a memory. At least to me.

Carolina On My Mind {my favorite song ever} makes me think of summer vacations spent at the beach with my family. Before the first bar is through I'm smiling. I'll Be Loving You reminds me of my first concert which was New Kids On The Block. The stage was at the complete opposite end of The Coliseum from where we were sitting but I truly believed that Jordan could hear me when I yelled I love you!. You're laughing aren't you? I get it I would be too.......ok now you're just being rude knock it off I was 10!

Fortunate Son makes me think of my Dad. He would announce to everyone in the car that they had to be quite and then pound out the base line on the steering wheel; an old habit from his drumming days. Livin On A Prayer makes me think of nights out dancing with friends, cocktail in hand and nowhere to be in the morning.

I'll Be Seeing You, one of my all-time favorites and much-loved during WWII, was apparently the Call Me Maybe of its day. It always makes me think of my Grandmother because one day when I mentioned how much I loved it she said they played it so much eventually she turned the channel whenever it came on. And finally, Poker Face always makes me think of my nephew Jack. He was crying once and when I started singing it he calmed down. Who knew Lady GaGa was so soothing? Now it's our song and he yells Sing Poka Face Aunt Kel!

Some friends and I are actually embarking on a musical endeavour of our own that I'm very excited about. Hopefully we can make some new memories with a few old songs. I find people are more creative when they're well fed so I whipped up some salsa for last week's practice. I hope you enjoy the pics and the salsa. You can find the recipe here.

{ All the ingredients for a fabulous salsa }

{ As the stars of the show, the peppers get their own photo }

{ A little "New Grass" banjo }

{ A mess, but totally worth it }

( La Mordedura Perfecta = The Perfect Bite }

1 comment:

  1. YUMMM! And just in time for Cinco on Sunday! Caroline On My Mind is one of my favorites, too - reminds me of being at summer camp in North Carolina. xo L