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Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Day of School

Last week I was looking through old photos for a fun picture of my mom {see Friday's post} when I came across this one. That's me on my first day of school. The year was 1984 and we were living in Tampa, FL at the time for my Father's job. I had somewhat of a nomadic beginning you see, we lived in 5 different states and two coasts before I entered second grade. 

Absent video games or play dates {back then}, when I wasn't with my parents or some neighborhood friends I spent most of my time in the magnolia tree in our front yard. I think that might have been when I really started dreaming up adventures, schemes, and stories that I'm only now ready to start writing. Funny.

I also started thinking about all that's happened between then and now and how much I wish I could go back and tell her. A friend said recently that we only learn from mistakes and of course he's right. I wouldn't give up any of mine because the knowledge they've brought me was worth any tempest. But just for fun...if I could walk up to her on the black top that day here's what I'd say.
  1. First of all great outfit! I love the use of color but not too matchy-matchy and great use of accessories.
  2. In the fourth grade a girl will do something kind of horrible to you that will embarrass you in front of the whole class. Don't sweat it.......she's a hot mess now. 
  3. When you're 14 a hairdresser {who's hair you don't even like} will tell you that a bang-perm is a good idea. Don't listen to her and please promptly get up from the chair. 
  4. Junior year of high school, while innocently answering a question posed by your teacher, you will inadvertently give away the fact that the Preacher is "The Father" in The Scarlett Letter. The class will be on chapter two but the reader isn't supposed to find out until chapter three and you've read ahead. Not good. Oh crap did I do it again? Tell me you've read that book?!
  5. Seven people will have your dress on at Senior Prom. No not the same color or the same silhouette........THE SAME DRESS! Buy the red one instead. 
  6. Don't care so much about what other people think. It's your life and you deserve to be happy. And you will laugh one day when you realize that when you're happy, you're actually a better daughter, friend, partner, professional, and creative. 
  7. Being angry is exhausting. Let it go sooner.
  8. Even if it scares you, push through and do it. Nothing worth anything in life is easy. 
  9. You'll almost call your Dad that last day just to say hi but you'll put it off. Call him. 
  10. Although I've given you this enlightening heads up I'm afraid you're going to have to live through all this anyway. You'll still need something to write about one day:). 


  1. Fabulous, sweetie, just fabulous! I miss you! Let's Church Hill soon! ;)

  2. And don't get too excited about "Tiffany Creeger"... you didn't miss anything... I don't even really use a google account, but it made me log in with one and I made this one as a joke one night. You will know when to actually get excited! ;)