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Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Friday, Love

{ A fabulous brunch with the ladies at Amuse to kick off a new profile series on the blog }

You know when you put your arms out and spin and spin and spin. You can keep it up for a little while but then there's a moment when you start to loose your balance. That's how I've felt all week. Just a little off....... a little {a lot} not myself. No one thing has contributed to this loss of equilibrium, just a series of small things that have piled up quickly and taken their toll. Oddly enough, most people I've talked to have felt the exact same way so in my capacity as a scientist {just go with it} I've determined it's the universe's fault and Saturday's full moon will rectify the situation. 

Everybody is a bit different but for me, when I'm in a funk, there's a few things that help; laughing with my friends, cranking up some music and dancing in my living room {Miss Austen is embarrassed by this and goes in the other room}, and creating something {like this post}. I've firmly decided that next week is going to be amazing though so I'm already excited:). 

Speaking of next week, I'm taking Monday off for Memorial Day but I'll be back on Tuesday with the first in a series of posts that I'm very excited about. Over the next four weeks I'll be profiling some amazing women who have followed their creative passions and begun new chapters in their lives. I hope their stories will inspire you to do the same. Have a fabulous weekend!

{ Ted and little Embry having a laugh at the Rosé tasting }

{ Excited the band has finally narrowed down our playlist }

{ Organizing also helps me when I'm feeling funky so I've been a little basket crazy this week, no jokes please:) }

{ Prepping for book club dinner at my house this Saturday - I'm attempting to turn the living room into a circus tent - wish me luck! }

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