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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Yellow House

{ A strong cup of Irish Breakfast tea can cure any ailment.......SCIENCE }

I'm back and feeling rested from my Easter Weekend Family Extravaganza! I don't feel comfortable telling you how many Cadbury Cream Eggs I consumed so we'll just leave it at... a lot. On to book club!

When the month of March falls to me I always like to choose something set in Ireland. It's really an excuse to listen to old Irish tunes and make stew. The Yellow House......I think I actually chose this book because I too have a yellow house. It tells the story of Eileen, a young Irish girl who grows up amidst a contentious backdrop of opposing theology. She experiences the poverty and violence ravaging Ireland while also trying to navigate the equally divergent landscape of her heart. You see when there are two men involved it usually means someone goes home unhappy. Does passion mean that kindness and happiness will follow? Or do kindness and happiness actually inspire a much deeper love? These are interesting questions and ones we asked ourselves when we discussed the book. Irish novels can sometimes feel a lot like country songs - you loose your house, your family, and even your dog. But like all good songs, there's a strong melody and it carries you through. 

{ Apple and strong cheddar to start the evening off right }

{ Beef Stew and Colcannon }

{ Whiskey Cake }

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