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Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Friday, Love

The weather in Richmond has just been gorgeous this week so I tried to take advantage and spend as much time outside as possible. Mom and I had a great dinner at The Boathouse and Miss Austen enjoyed several trips to Libby Hill Park to play with her friends. But lest you think that this week was perfect, here are a couple fun tidbits to make you laugh...... at me....well, with, at me. 
  • I bought a new vacuum cleaner. This in itself is unremarkable. What is remarkable is how excited I was about it. There was a time when the thought of buying something domestic would have made me cringe but now a euphoric giddiness washes over me and I'm helpless against its powers. I've decided that I'm aging in home ownership years. You know how one human year is equal to about seven dog years? Well every year you own a home you age like ten years. I bought my place about four years ago so that actually makes me sixty-nine years old (thought I'd throw in some rudimentary math to make sure you're paying attention). Sixty-nine year-old me loves buying vacuum cleaners, attending early bird dinners, and is seriously considering organizing a shuffleboard tournament. 
  • My neighbors have also noticed the exciting life I lead. I was unloading the aforementioned vacuum cleaner when one of my neighbors happened to be outside. Of course I seized the opportunity and eagerly showed him my amazing new purchase to which he responded (with a definite cheek).....Livin la Vida Fitzgerald. Oh yes, there is now a phrase that describes the wild and crazy life I lead. Please feel free to use it as much as possible!
  • I've vowed to keep Pat (that's what I've named my new vacuum cleaner) in pristine working condition by emptying her out after every use. Clad in my Virginia is for Lovers t-shirt and yoga pants, I proudly marched out to the garbage can after the first cleaning to complete my mission. Unfortunately, I became very frustrated very quickly because the latch on the container didn't want to open. Just as I shouted an inappropriate expletive the latch suddenly opened, dust flew everywhere, and an extremely attractive gentleman walked right past me. Yup....that just happened.
I hope next week is blunder free.....but who am I kidding?:). Have a great weekend and enjoy the pics.

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