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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road by austenhillrichmond featuring knit tops

Be it for pleasure or work, I've done my fair share of traveling over the years. Some trips seem destined to be amazing. There's no line at security....the plane is early.......I just got upgraded! Others seem destined for failure. Traffic on the way to the airport.....are you seriously trying to take a pack-n-play on an airplane?.....the person sitting next to me clearly did NOT feel the need to shower this morning.

It's always an adventure, but luckily I really do enjoy it. Over the years I've perfected my travel uniform and determined the essential gear that I never leave home without {above}. Other lessons have come from trial and error, but they apply whether your final destination is Oz or Tulsa. 

Kelly's Traveling Tips

1. If you think someone is missing their flight, wake them up!

    Picture this- There is a man sound asleep in the seat next to you. You think to yourself gosh I wish I  
    could sleep like that in an airport. The flight before yours has finished boarding but the flight 
    attendant keeps calling a male passenger's name who hasn't boarded yet. You say to yourself there's
    no way it could be this guy! No way!. If I wake him up he will be so mad. Yea, it was him. When in 
    doubt, wake someone up.

2. Embrace Delays

    When someone's flight is delayed they become another person, an evil version of themselves if you
    will. Sort of like The Hulk but less green. They also tend to over-share and drink inappropriate
    amounts of alcohol. This can be extremely entertaining. So grab a glass of wine and make new
    friends at the airport bar. You'll get where you're going eventually.

3. Despite the fact that your pilot looks like he and Miley Cyrus are the same age, he does in fact 
    know how to fly the airplane.

    I hate to admit this but when I see a pilot who looks like he's 22 I get extremely nervous. I get even
    more nervous when the co-pilot looks like he's 21. Did these guys learn to fly planes by playing
    video games? Are we going to crash because they're checking Facebook in the cockpit? They
    weren't even alive during Vietnam they have absolutely no experience flying evasive maneuvers!
    Not to worry they had to pass a really hard test to get their wings. I'm not saying they didn't get a C
    on the test, but at least they passed.

4. If you're in the seat next to me I would suggest moving.
    Despite the frequency with which I do it, I'm a nervous flyer. I won't get into detail just trust should move.

5. The arrivals area is the happiest place on earth.
    No matter how long or arduous my day has been, when I see someone hug the person they're waiting
    for it makes me smile. 

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