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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mambo Italiano

{ Ribollita and Basil Garlic Bread }

When I travel for work I invariably eat way too much rich {fabulous} food that leaves my body feeling like it needs a rest. After a few days of over-indulgence last week {while I was doing just that}, I was craving something fresh but yummy. This recipe for Ribollita- a hearty Tuscan vegetable soup- came to my rescue and I spent Saturday afternoon listening to music, drinking wine, and chopping things. It was a fabulous way to decompress on a chilly day in March.

{ Fresh veggies that have no idea they're about to be CHOPPED }

{ A beautiful basil flower }

{ Hey Mambo - A great red table wine I found at Ellwood Thompson's }

{ Prosciutto makes everything better }

{ Parmesan does too }

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