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Monday, March 25, 2013

Church Hill Irish Festival

{ Flying the colors }

We had a fabulous time this weekend at the Church Hill Irish Festival! Thanks to everyone who came out to support the neighborhood and the many charities that will benefit. I had so many photos that I loved I just couldn't choose so I'm posting them all. I hope you enjoy. Until next year....... 

{ Real men wear kilts }

{ Beautiful St. Patrick's Church }

{ Cheers! }

{ The folk stage is my favorite }

{ A curious little man }

{ Engine Co. No. 1 }

{ The amazingly sweet and talented Susan Greenbaum- check out her music here }

{ My friend Pam's POV }

{ Beautiful iron-work that you can find throughout the neighborhood }

{ Traditional Music }

{ Mama Hazelwood and her granddoggy Abby }

{ Stefan, my friend Dawn's little boy, enjoying his funnel cake }

{ Quite the crowd on Saturday }

{ The Music Man }

{ I had to try everything to be fair }

{ A member of the Order of Hibernians }

{ Sunday morning was chilly- thank goodness for Irish Coffee }

{ Don't ask what's on the plate just trust me it's delicious }

{ The view of St. John's Church from St. Patrick's }

{ The yard at St. John's }

{ The yard at St. John's }


  1. Great pics Kelly!!!! We missed it this year - looks like it was a great time!!!