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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

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There is a road. You feel like you've been traveling on it forever. Long ago someone gave you some supplies and said be on your way. You asked them where you were supposed to be going and they said you would have to figure that out for yourself. 

Traveling on the road has not always been easy. Frankly, you've wondered at times who is in charge of road maintenance because they're very bad at their job. You've had sunny days when every step seemed easy and you thought to yourself you'd love nothing better than to walk forever. Other days your steps have felt heavy, your gait weary. 

It's not always easy to keep walking once you realize that these days on the road are actually what you are meant to experience. There is no final destination, only the road. On those not so sunny days, sitting on a chaise in Bora Bora seems like an idyllic final reward for all of your travails. But I'm sure Bora Bora gets boring after a while. 

So what will the road bring in 2013? Honestly I'm not sure. I hope it brings more sunny days than not. I hope it brings new adventures and great times with people that I love. I know that you should keep memories of past days on the road close so you can spot the potholes from a distance. But I also know that you should not look back. 

What will 2013 bring for you? Not sure? That's ok. I hate resolutions we never keep them. Lets just resolve to keep walking and take care of ourselves and each other. That should encompass weight loss, finally accomplishing that project you've been putting off, and even global warming. 

I hope you have a fabulous 2013! Happy New Year everyone! 

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