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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Light In the Darkness

I think it goes without saying that last Friday was a very sad day. Others have written about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary far more eloquently than I ever could so I wanted to focus on a neighborhood event that took on a far different meaning in light of what happened.

Every year my neighborhood hosts many wonderful events for Church Hill Holiday Weekend. On Friday night Vespers are held at St. John's Church and then bagpipers accompany us on a candlelight walk to Libby Hill Park. Saturday night is the Annual Holiday Ball and we end the weekend on Sunday with the Holiday House Tour. 

The pictures from today's post were taken during Friday night's candlelight walk, which given what had happened earlier in the day, seemed almost pre-destined. When the pipers played Amazing Grace I looked around and there was more than one parent holding their child a little tighter and quietly contemplating what if? I think that grace is what it takes to get through something like this. It might be the grace you find from a higher power you believe in or the grace needed to forgive and learn when all your heart feels is anger. Although I cannot possibly imagine what the families of the victims are feeling, I do know what it feels like to loose someone that I love and what was most helpful during that time. I {and I hope you as well} will be sending them grace and a little light in the darkness.

{ Find out more about St. John's Church here

{ Wonderful friends and neighbors }

{ The skyline of Richmond from Libby Hill Park }

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