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Monday, November 5, 2012

In the Mood for Austen Hill

{ My Austen Hill Mood Board }
Oh what a Pinterest weekend it was! I will admit I got carried away......but first a little note from me to you.

I can't speak for others, but when I started this blog I really didn't know what I was doing. I had all of this creative energy inside and no clue what to do with it. A blog seemed like a wonderful way to put that energy to good use and explore things that I loved. It's only been a few months, but Austen Hill has already fulfilled every dream I had for it and truly taken on a life of its own.

One thing that I've learned so far is that finding your own voice is hard. Being consistent and original is even harder. It's very easy to fall into the trap of trying to be like other people.

"That blog is really popular!"

"I wonder if I should do something similar?"

Having the guts to say this is my life and style has, and will continue to be, a journey for me. There's always that part of you that worries....

"What if they don't like it?"

It's a leap, but one that I'm gladly taking. To help me figure out the overall feeling I hope to achieve with Austen Hill I created a mood board on Pinterest. Some of my favorites are above but you can check out the full board here. Having these images as a frame of reference always helps me when I'm designing posts and brainstorming ideas. I'm actually working with a designer to give the site a bit of a re-vamp and I can't wait to share it with you once it's completed.

Finally, thank you to all of my family and friends who have been ridiculously supportive of my little endeavour and thank you especially to my readers. Your support and comments have been an unexpected delight.

xo Kelly

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