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Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Friday, Love with Glitter!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited to introduce Laura and Jennifer of The Glitter Life as my first Guest Bloggers! They're here with some fun picks to make your weekend fabulous! Check out my Friday Fave post today on their blog here. Thanks Girls!!!
{heart} K

Happy Friday, Glitter Girls!

Is it just us, or is fall seriously the crazy-busiest time of year? We can work {does a photo shoot count?} and play {does Vegas count?} hard with the best...but sometimes we just need a BREAK, you know? This week's Friday Five is dedicated to Girls' Night In. After a long week, invite your BFFs over and enjoy...

1. Cocktails. We don't roll anywhere--even at home--without a cocktail. Treat your girls to this super special cocktail guaranteed to get the gossip flowing (and it's easy. we love that.). 

2. Hair. Girls' nights are for hair and makeup experimentation. Pick a style you haven't been able to master and get the group in on the action. We love a top knot, and we're going to practice til we get it right. We might even jazz it up with a bow (we're not too old for that, right?) a la Blair Eadie, author of Atlantic-Pacific

3. Nails. L and I were trying to remember a time that we got together and DIDN'T paint our nails...and we couldn't. Use your girls' night to try a new color or three. Check out these amazing fall hues from our friends at Glitter Guide. 

4. Movies. We're not really into teary chick flicks--we want to see fashion! Our all-time fave fashionista movie is Clueless. Oh, the 90s! We covet those pleated plaid skirts and knee socks. Also consider adding these three to your movie line-up: Heathers (the best of 80s preppy fashion), Breakfast at Tiffany's (scene after scene of timeless elegance), and The Devil Wears Prada (an insider-y peak into the fashion magazine business). 

5. Sweets. Everybody has a sweet tooth (or loves the smell of something sweet)! Here's a simple (really) treat to throw together for your girls. You can find the recipe here.

Ah, we're more relaxed already. What are y'all up to this weekend!?



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  1. I've experimented with hair and nails for Friday night/Girls night out. Wait and see!