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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Devil's Food Cupcakes

{ Use the darkest chocolate and cocoa powder you can find for a rich flavor }

For my neighborhood book and supper club's last get-together I made these gloriously rich devil's food cupcakes. For me, cupcakes {even ones from bakeries} tend to be dry and have way too much frosting. I like an equal cake to frosting ratio so when I take the first bite it all combines into a perfect marriage.

I started with Martha Stewart's recipe which you can find here, but substituted a cup of very strong coffee for the water and added 1/2 cup additional dark cocoa powder. I also used Duncan Hines chocolate frosting because I didn't have time to tackle the recipe. Oh well....I'll just have to make them again. They turned out great, rich but not too sweet. Azriel himself would have enjoyed them I think.

{ All dressed up with no where to go }

{ I love the deep color the cocoa powder gives the cupcakes }

{ I like to use a french press for the strongest flavor }

{ Red sugar sprinkles gave the delicious little devils some sparkle }

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