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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catering to the Underworld

{ Your tablescape should reflect the mood of your party, upbeat and fun or spooky and sinister }

When I throw a party I like to start the planning process by imagining I'm a guest. What will I be wearing? What time of day will it be? How many people will be there and how will they be interacting? The answers to all of these questions help me formulate a plan.

First things first for your Halloween Party.....the menu! If you have a small group and the space for a {spooky} sit-down dinner by all means go for it. But if you're throwing a party for a larger crowd who will be in costume go for smaller dishes that will allow people to partake as they please. I also like to place food in different spots around the house so people are encouraged to move around and not congregate in one area. Do you have any great party tips you'd like to share? Check out the recipes below for some great ideas to get your own spooky menu started.

{ Kids =, Appetizer =, Adults =, Classy/Creepy/Yummy = }

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