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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Standing Out

{ Zooey Deschanel }

I was trying on dresses for an event years ago when I overheard a girl and her mother talking in the dressing room next to mine. The daughter clearly loved the dress she was trying on and felt great in it. But said to her mother that it was too different and she was afraid she wouldn't fit in with the other girls.

The mother laughed and said "Honey, if you want to be bored for the rest of your life, by all means let's choose another dress. But if you want to feel fabulous and stand out like you were meant to, let's charge this baby before your father gets the bill."

I love red carpet fashion and I'm always excited when award season rolls around. But if the Emmy's are any indication unfortunately we're in for a boring year. Everything felt too safe. Hopefully we can throw some spunk in by the next round. Here is a look at some of my favorites. I chose them more than anything because to me, they stood out.

{ January Jones }

{ Leslie Mann }

{ Ginnifer Goodwin }

{ Julie Bowen }
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