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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Karen in Wonderland

{Karen and Lola}

Once upon a time there was a little girl with red hair and bright eyes who lived in the untamed wilderness of Canada. She spent her days sitting in her favorite spot dreaming of new places and fabulous adventures. She also spent her time on the lookout for bears. Being eaten by a bear is a constant worry for Canadians {This is a fairytale but every heroine has her challenges}.

What this little girl could not have known, was that while she was dreaming she was also learning to tell a story. A story with no words, but pictures that stirred her imagination and transported her to another place.

While Calgary is not technically a wilderness and being eaten by a bear is in fact a rare occurrence, the rest of the story is true. My friend Karen grew up to visit new places and have many fabulous adventures. She has taken that imagination and moxie and expanded her 224 media empire to include a new venture, 224 Pages.

{A look at Karen's fabulous new site}
As a published author, blogger, graphic design artist, and photographer, Karen is uniquely positioned to offer authors a myriad of outlets to entice readers and peak their curiosity.

{Check out her site for a new look at some old classics}
I hope you will join me in supporting Karen on her new adventure.


1 comment:

  1. Thank you, my dear Kelly, for sharing my new venture with your fans. I've always been a dreamer and a reader, so to see you so eloquently marry the two, is delightful. Now, I wonder if there's a Public Domain book about bears...