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Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Friday, Love

{My new Navy J. Crew Blazer, you can shop it here}

A few colored leaves are just starting to appear, earlier than normal might I add. I hope it's a good omen for fall. They must have such courage to be the first among their peers to take the leap. I am so ready for scarves, hot mugs of tea, and crisp air.

This weekend I am having some friends over for dinner and then venturing to the mountains to sample some fabulous Virginia Wines. Next week I'm dog-sitting for a friend and I'm curious to see how Miss Austen and I handle it. I've contemplated getting her a brother or sister and I think this will be a good test run for us. Wish me luck!

As always, here are some things that I am currently in love with this week........

{These tiny soda cans are perfect for me as I'm not a huge sugar junky]

{I love lavender in any form but especially by my bed as I'm falling asleep. You can find dried lavender like this here}

{Lasagna, enough said}

{A great color for fall, Honk If You Love OPI . And yes, I'm wearing monkey flip flops on my giant feet}

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