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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Fashion Report - Taking Chances

{An amazing coat from Lanvin Fall 2012}

If we look back at our school days fall was always a time of new beginnings. I think fashion is no different. Fall fashion tends to be edgier and more vibrant in my opinion. The trends tend to say "Hey world here I am!" Some of it works and some of it doesn't. But if nothing else, it takes a chance. Don't get stuck in a rut this year with your wardrobe. Take some chances. Don't say to yourself "I could never pull that off". How do you know unless you try?

Sure I took a chance with layered neon socks in the second grade and yes I fell flat on my face but at least I tried. I like to approach my fall/winter wardrobe like any other project. First I assess my existing wardrobe. Then I give away things that I don't need or don't wear and make a list of what holes there are. I match up the holes with fun new trends and investment staples.

Here are some tips that I swear by:

    I am a firm believer in becoming friends with a fabulous tailor.

Nothing is absolutely perfect off the rack. Having said that, if you don't love it while you have it on in the store, chances are you won't love it once a tailor makes minor alterations.

Make trends work for your body type and lifestyle. 

Maybe the "must-have" piece for evening this fall is a backless leather dress. Well I know plenty of ladies who wouldn't wear a backless dress if you paid them and also have no where to wear it to even if they did. But they could incorporate the leather aspect in other unexpected ways. Leather detailing is also all over the runway. Maybe a backless dress won't work for your body type and lifestyle, but a fabulous sweater dress with leather detailing will.

You get what you pay for. 

I love sales....LOVE THEM! I live on a budget just like everyone else. But I also realize that if I find a piece that I know I will wear for many years to come I'm willing to invest the money in it. If it's a quality piece then I'm actually saving money and shopping stress long-term.

Here are some fun pieces for the fall with many more to come over the next couple weeks. Happy shopping!

{Burberry Fall 2012}

{Embroidery, a huge trend, by Carven Fall 2012}

{Fun looks from Madewell Fall 2012}

{Leather is everywhere, but think details not biker-chic from}

(Metallics are a must for the fall from}
{Longchamp Fall 2012 from}

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