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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Tasting on the Rappahannock

[Charming signs greet diners]

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend. Last week was vacation time for me but instead of planning one big trip I planned several little ones. This proved to be a wise decision. I got to visit a few new places but also have time at home which I was craving. A few home projects that have been on my to-do list forever got tackled in between my outings which also meant I came back to the real world less stressed. Balance......I'm learning.

My mom and I set aside Saturday to visit a restaurant that had been recommended to me by a friend (Thank you Karen!). Merroir is a tasting restaurant set on the Rappahannock River about an hour and a half drive from Richmond. It offers small plates of fresh seafood, local produce, and a nice selection of craft beer and wine. We had a fabulous time and can't wait for our next visit.

[Outdoor seating offers beautiful views of the river and harbour. Hess Chardonnay was on special]

[One of my favorite dishes ever, Caprese Salad, is always better with Virginia tomatoes]

[Merroir is a tasting restaurant offering small plates and a wonderful variety of fresh seafood]

[Steamed shrimp with Old Bay and other special spices]

[The daily specials]

[Grilled oysters. My mom doesn't care for them so I had to do my duty and polish off the plate]

[Roasted corn with Tarragon Butter]

[Beautiful Shells}

[My mom, both of us showed up wearing orange and white striped shirts. I offered to change mine so we wouldn't look like traveling acrobats]

{A view of the harbour]

[I love this door frame because it reminds me of the colors of my bedroom]

[After lunch we headed over to the adjacent town of Urbanna and had some cookies and coffee for dessert]

[Miss Austen enjoying a comfy bench at the coffee shop]


  1. Didn't you just LOVE this place? I knew you would. The view, the outside tables, the wine, the food, the yacht club across the inlet. Your pictures are lovely and they make me want to go again.

  2. I now have about 8 people who want to go and try it out so we should get a big caravan together!