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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trip to Chicago - Day 1

[The Art Institute of Chicago]

"That's Chicago."

            Billy Flynn, Chicago the Motion Picture 2002

I had the good fortune to spend last week in Chicago for work. Of course I brought my camera and have more pictures to sort through than I care to count. While I would never disagree with an upstanding gentleman like Billy Flynn, I captured My Chicago my way. Today is the first part in a three part series. I hope you enjoy Chicago- Day 1.

[Beautiful skyscrapers that make you feel very small]

[I love being under the train tracks it reminds me of movies with car chases]

[Having a Sandra Bullock "While You Were Sleeping" moment]

[Loved these patterns next to each other. Makes me want to design a room around it]

[Berghoff Cafe opened in 1898 and serves traditional German food]

[Love the way the bottles are illuminated]

[Beautiful interior at Berghoff's]

[Berghoff's also brews their own beer]


[Bratwurst, homemade chips, German mustard, and pickles]

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