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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Picnic in the Park

[A view of Reed Square from the back patio of the Turner-Sinton House]

Last week The Church Hill Association held it's August Picnic in Reed Square, a memorial garden that  was once the backyard of The Turner-Sinton House. After the picnic we were also treated to a tour of the house which is currently undergoing a renovation. I'll be sure to post pictures once it's complete. Good food, cold drinks, and fabulous company!

[Reed Square is also the site of the annual Easter Egg Hunt]

[The rain held off, I put in a couple calls:)]

[A view to the front of the house through the main hallway]

[The beautiful Turner-Sinton House built (1803-1810)

[An example of the amazing hard wood found throughout the house]

[The revelers enjoying the party]

[Chandeliers can be found throughout the house and give each room a magical touch]

[Never let it be said we lack trees in the city]
[Details like this help modern amenities, like electricity, blend in with the original period of the house]

[All good things must come to an end. Can anyone walk me home?]

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